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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


An insult (also called a putdown) is an expression, statement (or sometimes behavior) which is considered degrading and offensive.

Indeed, an insult is made from just your daily decisions, to insult a so called friend, a relative, a stranger, a whoever, the person did that to you to tell who you are.

Just felt very insulting by a 'friend', nothing is wrong with that person, it is just all the things when I try to put them up, I feel this way, probably that person can't feel anything, as it wasn't really matters to this person.

But as for me, I am super sensitive, it is not that big deal, not to ignore though, 'Sedikit-sedikit menjadi bukit' is the cause.

Is this person important to me? Is and is not, even a stranger can make an insult to you by just one look. It is the feeling at that moment when you finally figure it out what had happened.

Don't have to worry, as this thing is just a small matter, everyone has it in their lives, some exaggerate it, some hide it, some say it and forget it, for the best to my own-self, I chose the latter. Today is just a day to retrieve and to delete.

The feeling isn't pleasant, this is how I felt.

Nothing as compared to what Jesus' had gone through. That is one of the purpose Jesus came as a man, so that we have nothing to complain, but learn. He is faithful, I am fully blessed by His love and grace.

God bless the moon, God bless the sun, God bless me, and God bless everyone. 

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