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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fresh Strawberry Milk Shake

A wonderful Saturday I have had, Cynthia brought a bag full of frozen strawberry in the morning, we had Strawberry Milkshake fun for everyone! Then went lunch together with a group of buddy in SS15 Pepper corner for yummy escargots and spaghetti carbonara, it was of course yummy~

Then tea break time, wallop table full of CNY delicacy including new combination of 'Grilled honey pork slice mayonnaise chicken floss tomatoe n cucumber on bread' needless to say..... superlicious~

Went PJ Old town food court for 'Yong Tao Fu', 'Pig trotter vinegar'   (Pork leg vinegar), ice kacang, fried kui teow........ 

Indeed I would like to share with you the recipe of Fresh Strawberry Milk Shake for two:

  • 6 Strawberries
  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream ( more if you like to be more creamy)
  • 200 ml of UHT vanilla milk 

You may add 1 tbsp of condensed milk or sugar if the strawberry tastes rather sour.

Blend everything together for app. 20 seconds or more. 

Enjoy your milkshake!!

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