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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Black Swan

Black Swan, the movie that I only found out right before the show starts.

I know Swan Lake- a ballet suite, a story wrote according to the music composed by Tchaikovsky. And I vaguely remember have watched the preview of Black Swan, some thriller movie that I will never want to watch, moreover I had an experience on 'Jennifer's body'.

It was a stress to me on watching this kind of movie, I will have to press my ears through the show, hide my eyes under my shaw occasionally.

At the beginning, I felt lost by the 'so-real' cinematography, running and walking with the artist, close shot most of the first half of the movie. As the movie playing, I could gradually understand what the director wants to give, you will then completely felt and dwelt in her unhinged reality.

I like the style of this cinematography.

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