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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Life is Short"

Life is Short (Inspired by Jane Lee)

by Chocky Chong on Friday, 20 May 2011 at 11:54

Life is short, let's party!
Life is short, let's play dirty ....
Life is short, let's be happy!
Life is short, be happy irresponsibily ....
Life is short, live now and ^%$# tomorrow
Life is short, ain't got time for sorrow
Life is short, dun need tomorrow's borrowed time
Life is short, every minute is a happy jingle chime
Life is short ....... is that what is means seriously?

Jane's note

Could be something serious, if it is being abused. Seems everyone has resonance over this quote.

Life is Short, live it to the fullest, not measured by the things you've done, and the fun you've had; 

Life is short, to some, another hour is a tormenting  to them; 

to some, they don't have the right to say, to ask...

A person who has lost freedom -
 a request is a luxury to him.

A person who has trapped in unhappiness -
 love and joy is an illusion.

A person who is sick and weak -
 but they are too weak to fight for another chance.

A person who is playful -
 obstacles are stepping stones.  

A person who is irresponsible -
 standards are hurdles.

A person full with passion, optimistic -
 challenging, nothing is impossible.

A person full with passion and love -
 love, joy and peace fill his life. 

A person with vision -
 the word 'perish' is not found in their life.

Life isn't measured by the length of the days;

Life is short, when you still have the choice, the power, the right, the will,  live a life with no apologies, with no regrets. We make mistakes, it's okay, let mistakes be our stepping stones. 

At last, my friend...

Life is short

Do not let our pasts dancing on our pains like salt on a wound

and to some friends...

Life is short

Do not find pleasure on others suffering

We are like a lemon, you can't take it alone, we need sugar, water, tea and ice cubes to make a cup of ice-lemon tea that quench our thirst.

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