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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Home after a trip

The feeling to being home again after a trip is sweet, especially when you step in with a 'little home-sick-tiresome body, nothing as good as when you see your home is the same as you left. Thankful for God's protection.

And you walking into a clean and tidy home! I have a habit before going for a trip, I will make sure myself do the tidy-ups and cleaning works, such as: clear all unfinished drinking water, cover the toilet bowl, clear laundry if possible.... usually work till midnight.

A friend asked why do I have to do that, my reason is simply avoid from cockroaches and lizards looking for food. Isn't it good when you step in, you check on every thing is in place, no 'poos' around.

The only thing is to do some laundry.

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