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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bali Maiden Trip Highlights of day 3

Highlights of day 3

Day 3 In Ubud mainly a food day. Debbie and I stayed in Tunjung Bungalows, Mun Wah and Shyewoon stayed in TEBA House, which has a nice garden, we had our breakfast together at the corridor, clear air, windy, 鸟语花香birds chirping, garden filled with blooming flowers. Allow me to tell you, they serve good breakfast!
1) Breakfast at guest house

As soon as we finished breakfast, took a shower, packed luggages, went to Ubud town, checked up Arjana villa which Mun Wah had pre-booked.

2) Bakso soup
As we got out in town, I saw a mobile Bakso stall, I loved Bakso soup, the first time I tried was in Jakarta, they liked this too!

Walked to check out the place we stay, no kidding..... it was very far end!

 3) Lunch - Babi Guling @ Ibu Ota Restaurant
That was a long walk, after delivered our luggages, we walked to Ibu Ota Restaurant for famous Babi Guling. It is a must eat delicacy if you come to Ubud.

A delicious, fulfillment lunch we had had. 

Next, walk along the street, visiting art galleries, boutiques, restaurants... according to Mun Wah's travelling guide, we went to this restaurant for drinks.

Then went to Ubud market battle field for about 2 hours, no luck, rained in the evening, stuck in the 'wet' market for another half an hour till we decided to run to nearby restaurant for a break, Mun Wah suggested Lotus Cafe, it has beautiful lotus pond, it's a nice place to spend our time. 

It drizzled till 7pm, we decided to make ourselves changed in the cafe since all of us 'won' some booty from Ubud market, fresh in the oven went straight for our dinner; Bengil's Dirty Duck was recommended by friend, it did yummilicious!

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