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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bali Maiden Trip Highlights of day 4

Highlights of day 4:

Had a night stayed in Arjana 3, bungalows built in the midst of padi field, it requires a long way walk from Arjana 2 where we parked our car. Everyone woke up at 8am, had our breakfast, spent some time chatting, took a nice shower, packed luggages, ready to go for massages.

Most of them only start working at 1pm, therefore we went for Babi Guling for lunch first, then took a slow walk on Ubud town again before going back for massage.  MW and Shye Woon went for full body massage (100k Rp) whereas Debbie and I went for pedicure and manicure as well as half body massage for about 130k Rp, good treat! It was done in a very simple partitioned 'room', no aircon, but Debbie and I fell asleep a few times. *whispering: "According to Shyewoon, Munwah also fell asleep, as he snored during body massage."

It was already 4pm after all of us were done. Started journey to Lovina, there were two ways to drive to Lovina, Mun Wah suggested to take a longer way which offers us more views. We agreed with this idea. The total of distance is about 84km, not very far, took us about 6 hours to reach to Lovina. From Ubud - Klungkung - sidemen - Danau Batur - Lovina by taking this drive, we experienced more! 

Went pass by many padi fields, dens, villages, as we drove along the road, many times we stopped and ask for direction, villagers were helpful and kind. 

The speed roughly maintained in about 40km/h, as the road is narrow, there were many trucks drove by as there were a few constructions going on, and also foggy winding mountain road in the night may reduce to just 30km/h.

Arrived Lovina at 10pm. We were the only guests, after taking supper at food stall nearby, went back to villa and we chatted with a guard who was on shift, he helped to arrange the dolphin watching.

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