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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bali Maiden Trip Highlights of day 5

Highlights of day 5:

1) Sunrise dolphin watching @ Lovina beach aka black sand beach. Woke up at 5:30am, meeting our boatman at the door, sky was still dark, just a short walk to beach side, Munwah and Shyewoon helped boatman to get his boat into water, it was a quiet morning, we saw many boats sailing towards one direction.

Sail about half an hour, dolphins usually swim in groups, as soon as one sees a group of dolphins boatman will sail close to them, we don't quite like or agree this idea and way to watch dolphin, it threatens their living.

Therefore we requested the boatman just stay away and stopped someplace we had our picnic in the ocean.  

2) Back to Lovina have our lovely and relax breakfast, birds chirping, breezing garden.

Debbie and Shyewoon went to the beach to get some nice booty, Munwah and me went for a walk in villas nearby.

And drove to Damai Resort with everybody.

Come back to have our lunch just opposite Taman Lily's

After lunch, drove back to Ubud. The journey took only 3 hours from north to Ubud. Passed through a highland.

Visited one of the luxury hotels in Ubud- Four Seasons Resort. It was fully booked that day, we can't have a drink there, hence the manager just gave us a tour,

Get back to Ubud town for dinner.


johnnie L said...

wa Jane,
you really have a nice time there.heard so much about this island, but have yet to visit there. wished I could one of these days.

Jane Lee said...

Johnnie, you should make it! This is my first time after so long.... We had great fun, out all the day, only get back late at night for shower and rest, then went out for beer again, came back late for a nice sleep. That's paradise! haha

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