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Monday, October 25, 2010

小小的梦想 Little Dream (初学者钢琴乐谱)

小小的梦想 Little Dream (初学者钢琴乐谱)
词 : 李信仪 Jessica Lee
曲 : 游智婷 Sandy Yu

1. 藍天是白雲最美的故鄉
Blue skies are perfect homes to big white clouds
Hilltops are where the green grass likes to grow
Rivers will find their home in oceans deep
And my dreams will rest in heav’n above

Every little dream comes from Father’s heart
Just remember He is all we need
Every dream received can change the world
Brings hope for tomorrow

2. 耶和華是我們的力量
Jesus, the precious giver of our strength
Brings us together in His unity
He leads us through the path of righteousness
He guides us and gently walks with us

Jane's Note:

A parent who played a duet with her girl in 'Mini Home Recital' last Saturday, and she was very happy with the  simplified version of ’云上太阳‘, which allows her to have a wonderful time with her daughter, on request, this is another simplified Christian song and another one with accompaniment. 

Play the children part one octave higher

download pdf for 小小的梦想 Little Dream (初学者钢琴乐谱)[primo] young pianist
download pdf for 小小的梦想 Little Dream piano accompaniment (secondo)

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