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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"I don't like to grow up!"

One night Gab and I was on the way home, we chatted about things that I love him, I miss his young time, how cute he was ....,and he told me that he doesn't like to grow up too, it is so fun and happy to be like a toddler.

'But ...but exam is the only thing that you don't like right? You going to miss a lot of fun things if you stay at baby stage!'. 'No!' he very sure about his answer. 'You will miss the driving fun, you can not ride roller coaster, can not play games, can not go shopping, can not do what you want to do, always stay in a baby cart, watching cartoons everyday, listening to 'ABCD EFG...' (both of us start laughing), and you can not ride bicycle ..... I can't imagine if all of your friends are riding mountain bike, and you still riding on a tricycle' ( both of us ‘棒腹大笑’ meaning laugh till the tears come).

Then I continued which that time I was driving very slowly at about 20km/h,  'And I also can not imagine when all of us using toilet, and you still using potty...' Ok, here is the moment I can't see my road clearly, cos my tears covered both eyes, I really had to park my car at road side till both of us stop laughing.

That was a hard one, my back is aching, and then he asked me why he laughed till his stomach aching? How to answer him? I laugh till my back ache, different body structure? I don't know.... that put me a big question mark.

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