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Monday, October 25, 2010

'I am sad!'

Gab followed me out for classes this afternoon, he took his book to spend his time when I am teaching. I had  a long lesson at Tze Ning's house, and while she was doing her theory work, I played a few pieces from her book, and Gab seated just beside me, he was trying to catch which bar I am playing.

I explained the piece in Mandarin and in English mixture, one funny thing happened as when I asked him to turn the page for me, I kept saying: 'Turn! Turn!Turn!.....' I saw his reaction was quite uncertain, go and backward he went, I stopped playing, and asked him why didn't he turn the page. And he said:' I don't know, I thought you are saying '等,等, 等!’,(direct translation is 'wait, wait, wait, which HanYuPinYin is 'Den, Den, Den!', that was a fun one! Made three of us laugh. 

Today is the last lesson I teach Tze Ning, and will pass her to my friend from November, as the location is far to me, and another reason is that her lesson time is during evening time, which after the class, I will be stuck in a jam for about half hour or more before I reached home, I really don't like to waste my time in the traffic jam. As we going off from her house, Tze Ning handed over a small gift, which I am very much thankful for her, she is a good student. And I know I am going to miss her, therefore I added her as my facebook friend. 

In the car, Gab told me he is sad, he said:' Ma, you are not coming to her house anymore?', 'I feel like crying! Like I miss Auntie Macy! I am sad!'. Yeah, he did told me he misses Auntie Macy, our late sister in Christ. And he said: 'I wish everything could go back again.' 

I looked at him (though I was driving, because of the traffic jam, I am able to do this!)  and he turned his face to show me, by pointing his finger to his eyes, he said: 'You see, my tears!' 

He is sentimental. 

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