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Monday, October 18, 2010

A faithful gadget to make half-boiled eggs

Half boiled egg maker

If you are lover of half-boiled eggs, it is fantastic to have this gadget! I got this during the promotion time run by 'Safe-egg' , which you get a free 'half boiled egg draining pot', when you buy 3 racks of 'Safe-egg', I don't know how it should be called, whatever way I feel that you could understand what it is about.

By using this gadget, I can make half boiled eggs from chilled eggs, without worrying whether those eggs are over cooked or too raw for consuming. They are fantastic.

And there I went to buy another 3 racks to get another one for Debbie, my cousin. And I shall get another one for my brother too! Because we can finish up 30 eggs in a week time..... m... I better go as earlier as possible, I am kind a 'Kia Su' person.

With indicator the volume of boiled water to number of egg.
Isn't it sweet and beautiful?
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