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Monday, October 25, 2010

'I want to learn that piece!'

Gab told me just now, 'I want to learn that piece!', I asked: 'Which piece?' 'That one you played in Tze Ning's house this afternoon!', I still am not sure about which piece he mentioned about, I thought it might be the 'Waltz Op.69-1 "L'adieu", cos I asked him to learn this piece, right away I headed to the room to play him this piece, he said not this one.

Aha~! My eyes opened wide, this one?  Then I played another one, Chopin's Etude Op.10-12 "Revolutionary", he nodded his head, I laughed (So sorry to him!)

I replied: 'No, this is too hard for you.' Then he said: 'How about another one?', 'You mean... this one (I start playing) 'Fantaisie-Impromptu by Chopin'..... I laughed again.... as he was looking at me seriously, with his big and determined eyes.... Finally I said: "Yes." (Phew... so ambitious!) I think soon enough he will forget this request... At the same time, I wish he will not give up. A praying mom could make things different, I shall start praying for him... seriously.

He has strong and nimble fingers, this is what I admire him about. He could play light and even semiquavers, he has stable wrists, he can play fast notes, he can read notes well, he just need a little more discipline, plus a pinch of passion to work it out! He can do well in music.

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