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Monday, November 30, 2009

Life + Experiences = fear?

Experiences are our best teacher, they enrich your life, they colour your days, they fill your every minute with surprise.

Reading might help us to understand more, and seeing it in a wider angle, like Dr. James Loh has once said in his facebook status: ''Those who love to read and read widely usually do better in life all round.'' I agreed with that.

Never cease to read and experience, both could help you living a better life.

But fear has nothing good to bring to your life.

Fear of esperience of life?

I have ever thought: ''Look at the marriages of friends around me, sucks! Does this mean I will have a sucks marriage too?''

''Look at those who suicide, does this mean I will suicide too?''

''Look at those failure, does this mean I will be one of them?''

Unlikely, many things came together to make one like them, it all depend on how you take things, and how your understanding level, and how your attitude is, and how your ability to handle it.

Whatever comes, treasure them, whatever goes, let them go, and learn from them.

And most importantly, don't let FEAR haunt you from EXPERIENCING LIFE.


johnnie L said...

my view Life+ experience= confidence.
having gone through the path, we should be able to advise others who might be facing the same problem. Likewise those who have the experience can advise us. therefore we can face them with confidence. fear is often when dealing with the unknown.

Jane Lee said...

yeah, fear arises because of the uncertainty, sadly to say that.
But I like your view, it should be positive like what you've said, we gain confidence and help others, or indeed we gain confidence of handling problem that we've benn experiencing, I should not fear, I shall not, life is wonderful and short, what my point is more to my view towards marriage, I shall fear nothing when God is in me, and help me. Just walk right in this path, and follow His direction. Amen!

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