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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not about what we want

At the very moment, thing seems to be simple when your action is decided by your feeling, you just do what you wanted, what you feel like doing it... that makes you feel great, and your day is beautiful, you've done what you feel like to do it.

I don't like to make things complicated, but I do believe there are consequences in every move we make.

When Gab was small, he always winded for something he wants, but I rejected him by a very good reason: 'No, I can give what you need, not that what you want.' I also believe God will do this to answer our prayers, when my prayer is not answered, there are two possibilities: 1) Wait, now is not the time yet; 2) No, this is not what you need;

Spirit, Soul and Mind, always good to keep spirit stand firm with God's word, let the spirit leads. Our soul and mind always tempted with what we want and what we feel good about, they always fall, they will have conflict sometimes, we always have a choice to make a dicision, which one you are leaning on? God's word or your feeling?

Overcoming is a progression, not easy as I thought, not tough as you have imagined, just understand well.... not about what we want!

Jane Lee

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