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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SonShine Playhouse

Today, I was invited to conduct 'creative time' for SonShine Playhouse by Justine Ng, thanks to her invitation, I am able to have a chance to share with parents and guide them to twist a simple balloon sculpture, the insect of the week is dragonfly.

SCF SonShine Playhouse is a playgroup run mainly by volunteer mothers in the church premises, to prepare a happy, safe and relaxed environment for little ones to learn life skills through plays, songs, musics and movement and story tellings, every Tuesday 9:30am at Dream Hub.

It was so fun to talk to those toddler... can be both challenging and rewarding, why did I say so? It is nearly impossible to get them to listen to you, most of the time they are not listening, some hopping around, some day dreaming, some just standing still and looking at you with their mouth open, some are still sucking their fingers, basically I was just talking to the parents, because I got parents replied in a *funny cute baby voice. Meanwhile have to talk like a kiddy child in order to make it interesting to those adorable toddlers.

The creative time (craft/handwork/library) starts at 10:30am, I was there at about 10:10am after sending Gabriel to my brother's house.

As I enter into Dream Hub, I saw them were dancing and singing, toddlers scattered all around the hall, do as they wish, I got a warm welcome from them by shouting "Hello Auntie Jane!'' My heart is warmed and my smile is sweet.

I hurried to fellowship hall, start pumbing balloons with the help of Esther, she is a volunteer helper as well as Kingdom Kidz's Sunday School Teacher, have been partnership with her from the very beginning of my serving.

There were total 15 toddlers, ballooning started as soon as they finished singing and dancing (morning exersice..haha). I have pre-twisted two balloon dragonflies, I called them My Pets, one named GreenPea, another named Orange, obviously one is in green and another in orange, purpose is to create a topic to start communicating... well, like I have said, mostly parent replied, haha. It was still fun to talk to them, to instruct them, they were good and took instrution carefully.

Most parents were afraid of twisting balloons, I saw many expressions from their face, they were brave for their children, then we came out the Bible verse "Be strong and courageous'', ''Be bold'' to encourage those mommies.

To make a balloon dragonfly, I use:

  1. Inflate one 260Q Qualatex tube balloon and leave about two inches uninflated in the tail end for body
  2. Inflate one small round balloon 5" inches in diameter, about half of the actual size.
  3. Inflate one 160 Thailand made tube balloon and leave about half inche for wings

Balloon Dragonfly twisting instructions:
Dragonfly's body
    1. Make an 1.5" bubble, then a loop (fold twist) that is big enough to allow the tube balloon to go through, then make a lock twist with the first bubble.
    2. Repeat the step '1' again, hence you will have one bubble, one loop, one bubble and follow by another loop in order.
    3. Take the end of the balloon and insert it through the 2 loops, continue to pull the balloon till it make a 'small handle' allow to fit in 'eyes' of the dragonfly.

Eyes of the dragonfly
    1. Get the center of the small round balloon, align with the nozzle to the center of the balloon.
    2. Use fingers to press the center of the round balloon, twisted to get two kidney shapes bubbles. Make sure the nozzle (knot) is hidden in the center of the twist.
    3. Slide in the two kidney shapers bubbles through the 'small handle' of the dragonfly body.

The wings
  1. Make a big loop by tying both ends of 160 Thailand made tube balloon together.
  2. Get the center point, left hand holds the nozzle, right hand pull the loop to another side to make get the center point, pinch with two fingers, pull it to the nozzle, then make a twist at the nozzle and the center point, you will then get an '8'.
  3. Attach the center of '8' balloon with the first bubble of the dragonfly body, twist the bubble around the center of '8' to tie them up, with some adjustment for the last step of ''Making balloon dragonfly'.

Kids were so excited holding their new pet cruising around the hall, 'kissing' each other, boys were having 'pet fighting'.

I am rewarded with a cup of black tea and a plate filled with swiss roll, crakers, biscuits, chocolates, and... arghhh, forgot. Of course the most rewarding is their lovely smiles, and hugs.

Ballooning is just one of the activities we have in Sonshine Playhouse, there are more crafts and acivities going on through the year. Visit SonShine Playhouse for more info.
Check out this Photo Album here!

Jane Lee

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