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Monday, November 16, 2009

GNC monoplax

GNC (Gabriel Ng Cinemax) does not have wide space of room, does not have leather arm-chair, and surround sound system, but it serves free milk-shake, provide blankies.. and pillows...

Last Saturday after SES chair-dance practice, me and Gab went for dinner at Maju-maju for Tosai, and I just had a glass of Teh-alia, Gab ordered strawberry milk shake.

The surprise was in the milk-shake, very super extremely sweet, even Gab did not take the 2nd sip, it was actually milk+1 scoop of strawberry ice-cream+condensed milk, that they call milk shake, RM3.50, and I took one sip, Gab took one sip, urghhh...! I poured in half bottle of mineral water, and it still tasted super duper sweet, we gave up the one!

Then I told Gab: "I know how to make milk shake, and mommy's milk shake is so much better than this one!". Gab suggested: " really? then we can watch DVD at home, ok?" Then we start planning for the our Saturday movie date.

"Ok, so I took my shower first, then your turn, while you are taking your shower, mommy make the milk shake......" I suggested.

Later, when came to his turn, he told me not to go into our room first, so I didn't, I went preparing the things needed to make milk shake.

Look for Home made milk-shake for things needed.

As soon as we got our milk-shake...

Then we walked into our room, "ta da...! " he sang this ... =.=", I have to co-ordinate with him and showed him the "suprised look" (keke, I am quite a good actor!) He got ready the blankies, and make a cosy seat with pillows, chosen a DVD ready to press the button. I remembered that time, when I was looking for the controller, Gab said: " ma, no need, you just sit down." then I saw his hand slip into blankie, held out the controller, and press the button, haha he is just too cute!.

So .. GNC is just 'shiioook'. He said he wants to charge RM5 per ticket, free milk shake, wonderful GNC! Gab had made the "Movie date at home" so special and unique.

Thanks to the Lord, because He has given me what I needed the most!

Jane Lee

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