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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mistakes help us grow

I had this experience, long time ago, a female friend came to me, and mentioned to me some 'problems' of a male friend of us had last time, say about 'problem = sin', and this female friend asked me what do I think about this male friend now? (Indeed, this action I called GOSSIP), so what exactly I told the female friend was: 'We are here to not judge this male friend's behavior, anyhow, 'It' WAS his problem, may be he had this problem before he accepted Christ, or even if he still had this after the conversion, we never knew what God is doing in his life, he might be fighting and struggling to make the change! Who are we to judge and to condemn? Let him alone settle with God, like we settle our problems to God. We forgive as Christ forgives our sins.

I had another experience, have you heard of the Chinese saying? ”一次不忠百次不用“ means 'You are useless once you've failed' (hopefully I am correctly translated), a person looses a chance to in charge of a duty because of his past. Once a sinner always a sinner? I wanted so much to voice out my opinion, but I stopped, the most obvious reason was their comments on the person out of their condemnation and judgmentalism, I am just a little woman, a single mother, in another word a divorcy..... better keep quiet, haha (what am I doing? laughing? No, just try to end this sentence in a 'soft' way.)

What would Jesus do? I believe you know better than me. Like Peter, he denied God three times, and Paul, he killed Christians, God used them mightily, and even did things greater than anyone; like Mary Madeline, Jesus even mentioned that her deed is being recorded and remembered.

Mistakes help us grow! I forgot when have I started changing my attitude being gracious and mercy on people's wrong doing (I am sure this is what God wants!), of course not changing overnight, time to time, day by day, from my dearest sister, from Pastor Jacinta, from Jesus.

Thanks to all precious teachers in my life!

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