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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Coming back

I stopped praying ever since the joke happened, just felt restless, and discouraged, I stopped doing devotion ever since then, and the feeling of not attaching with God (though I know He is always with me, He is in me.) is so helpless, hopeless, strengthless and dry, no direction ( in growing spiritually) battling and wrestling in many thoughts, even a tiny little thing...

I ... should say, allow myself went wild, gone astray, brought hurts, didn't care much how people feel, didn't care much what consequnces will come, just do what I want to do, life is short, enjoy every moment, in terms of doing what I feel like to do. That moment or the period of time wasn't that fun, wasn't that happy, I should say I felt guilty more then any other feelings.

Where have I been? somewhere ... that my sense told me is way too far, standing on the cliff, somewhere if you jump you will never come back, at least I know my spirit will diagnose with cancel cells and never healed. Though I know God is a forgiving God, I just don't want to do this for granted. Thank God for He has given me a heart, a God-fearing heart.

Now I am back, coming back, with His mercy, His amazing grace, His Spirit has led me here again...

To be able to enjoy His greatness, His fullness, His abundance. His glory has once again shine brightly in me.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you!"
--Isaiah 60:1

Jane Lee

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