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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was told the goodness about enzymes earlier ago, but just didn't border to listen and make it, till one of the parents came and share about enzymes and email me more about it, I started to try making those.

Yesterday was the day of 'harvesting' my first DIY garbage enzymes, with the use of a big sieve and a funnel to help fill into small bottles. Three months ago, I have made two combinations of enzymes, one is vegetable enzymes (which in the month of Aug, I cooked three days a week, without 'wasting' the left over and unwanted dried leaves and pips, I used it to make vegetable enzyme), another combination is fruits garbage enzymes ( fruits skin, pips, riped fruits, dried fruits - mainly lemons, pears, pineapples), I did have one Banana fruits garbage enzymes, this one smell good too.

Fruit Enzyme or DIY Enzyme, there are two types, fruits enzyme for daily consumption, another is garbage enzymes which is what I am making, for housekeeping usage.

I used to have lemon/pineapple enzymes apply all over my face and body once a week since October, that help even out skin's colour and tone, fruits enzymes is a skin refining properties. That have the ability to digest dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, improve skin texture, revealing a smooth, fresh appearance.

After done all the filling up, pour some in a small container diluted with water, about 1 to 10 ratio, then use it for hand mopping the floor and tables, and I also use this enzymes to remove stubborn oil stained in frying pan, it worked amazingly, it just gone, then I sprayed the toilet tiles, and wash toilet just with that, wonderfully clean. Another amazing thing is, my hands didn't feel rough and dry after all the cleaning.

Friends,, never too late to start, here it is...

How to make fruits garbage enzymes:

For garbage enzymes, use any fruits that has been in the fridge for far too long or skin of fruits you are about to throw away to make this enzymes.

Making garbage or eco enzymes is very useful in a long run. Remember the ratio 3-1-10, three parts of unwanted fruits, one part of sugar, use 10 parts of water to make this enzymes.

  1. Fill water and sugar in a bottle, stir and mix well till the sugar totally dissolved.

  2. Slide in 3 parts of unwanted fruits.

  3. (then put it in the bottle for three months, and if you have skin disease pour a little bit of enzymes in a small tupperware, then dip your hand inside each day a time.) {Gab typed this sentence, cos we used this to dip his finger's infaction in June}

  4. Remember in the first two weeks, stir it once in three days. Close the lid but not too tightly. As mentioned by Gab, keep it fermentation for at least 3 months.
Even I don't have enough fruits, I may add it up at ease, fermentation date starts when it is filled up to the required portion. Or I may keep those fruits in freezer, both ways work.

Jane Lee

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