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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Hope In Impossibilities

It is a title of 3rd May Sunday Sermon, preached by Ps. Tommy. he has got the points clear, at my situation and the trials I am having ....I need this encouragement, this is a powerful message from God, it lifts up my faith, it calls back my trust in Him, it reminds me not to stop praying, and put all of my life in His hands.

1) Never ended each experience in defeat

I had the ring when he - Ps. Tommy shared about King David, in Psalm 143:7, how he walked with God, by telling God every single things in his bad times, good times, happy times and hopeless times... every moment.

Believing in God, doesn't mean you will have good time always, trusting in God doesn't mean you won't make wrong choice anymore, having faith in God doesn't mean all that you've planned will go smooth, ... I never would have known this or understood it until the last issue came out didn't seem to be right! I have better understanding in this teaching. Give thanks to the Lord of Most High.

For this; King David had all these experiences in his life, in Psalm 143:8-10 tells us he did not stopped praising God, he complained, he had hard times, nevertheless he did not ended as a looser, through these darkest times, he was able to put his focus unto God, he was able to understand / learn the lessons God had wanted him to learn, he never missed the chance.

what have you learned?
Put our trust in God

As Ps. Tommy shared until here, my mind was telling me: "eee, I am doing things that King David did... talking to God in every moment, asking Him for advice, oh .... King David had the good spirit as I do!" (ceh! sorry, allow me to do this in my blog!)

2) Seeing a greater purpose behind

Act 16:27-28
Then Ps. Tommy shared the story of Peter and Silas in the prison, how they trusted in God, patiently and joyfully, that was the heart they had at that time in order to wait for the miracle! I tell myself: "oh, I want this attitude!". "I want to see miracle in my life!".

3) Move on

Exodus 14:15
What is my 'Red Sea'? Put me into deep thought! Good... I like to think! I was living by sight, for the situation and the answer that I've got, based on the info I have had, I stopped praying, I stopped trusting in His plan, instead I made my own conclusion, not to move on, not to make my first step to walk into the 'Red Sea', instead, I stared at the 'Red Sea' and complained; The message of 'The Hope In Impossibilities' has given me an 'umph' to pray earnestly, to go forward boldly! With the promise God has given and assured, it is not a joke, it is not a mistake! Just like Abraham and Sarah, His promises will come to a pass, it is just the matter of time! I shout Amen for that!

4) Speak to the rock

Num 20:8
I like this. Many times we failed to obey God, we failed to be a good disciple, we did what our emotion had driven us to do, but... God somehow will make it right. Like that! Look what Moses did to the rock, despite of his disobedience, God still let the water flew out from the rock, that is simply because of His grace and love for the people.

In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him.
Romans 8:28

5) Outcome is based on obedience

Psalm 127:1-2
Ps. Tommy told us (teachers of Kingdom Kidz, we were in the 2nd service at 1:30 every Sunday) that he was not able to share this point in the first service due to the time shortage. Well, I personally felt that it was a waste, and indeed it is the key for 'The Hope In Impossibilities'. ( may be I am a bit exaggerated! )

I agreed with Ps. Tommy, the secret weapon is to obey God. God is the vine, we are the branches.

Happy to share my thoughts in this sharing. I will continue to pray, speak to the 'rock', move on to cross the 'Red Sea', and trust God in all of His plans, with the a hydrogen bomb - obedient in my hands, the strongest weapon in the universe, nothing is impossible!


Anonymous said...

wow...i was very encouraged leh...imagine if all who were listening were soooooooo attentive n put them into practice...thanks sis...gambateh!! GBU

Jane Lee said...

Thanks Tommy Anonymous! hahaha

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