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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 'Love Gifts' from Kingdom Kidz

This is such an awesome team I am in - Kingdom Kidz. I am blessed with this ministry.Unfortunately I lost my camera during the SOW event meeting in April, couldn't take the photos of the time when we were having our meeting, it was so fun, we were all having lunch and yet discussing the programme, everybody throwing out ideas! Ideas that make you laugh, and be crazy! That's how we squeezed out the creativity of all of us!

Vincent Tung was the coordinator for this Mother's Day event, teachers and Daniel were so overwhelmed to see the potential of his leadership being availed, praise the Lord, God is molding His children.

The troops segregated into 4 sectors:
1st sector is mixing, for children 4-5 years old, they will have to break the eggs, and put into mixing bowl., smash it, and mix with mayonnaise

2nd sector is spreading, for children 5-6 years old, spread the mixture on bread and Hup Seng square biscuits.

3rd sector is cutting, for children that are 10-12 years old, cut the bread into 4 small squares.

4th sector is packaging for children from 3-12. Some in origami section, to make a box from folding a rectangle paper, some punch pattern by using craft punch, some decorate the pink box with red hearts and flowers punched out patterns. Then as soon as the 1st and 2nd sections are done, they join in the last part of packaging, fit in the biscuit and bread into box, then wrapping it with white ribbon attach with a label in written "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all. Proverbs 31:29 Happy Mother's Day"

This is an appreciation box, there are meaning lies behind....

Being thankful for mom's Tender Love, she cares for us, takes good care for us, raising up us, loves us - Bread Sandwich

Being thankful for mom's Tough Love, she teaches us, helps us to build good characters, disciplines us when we were wrong - Biscuit Sandwich

Wishing all the mother in the world, Blessed Mother's Day!

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