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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey! Friends out there..... I am fine

Recent posts sounded low and sad right?

Don't worry, I am totally fine, see... my smile! It was taken after a Hospital Visit, great lunch with my cousin - Elaine.

Shared some of my thoughts with her and 'spiritual mother' in home group last night, feel good to be weak sometimes, from here you'll find that there are friends around loving me and caring for me.

Such long time ever since I became a home group leader, not many times that having friends prayed for me.

Remembered the time where I was just a baby Christian, most of the times were people praying for me, hmm... now I know, some of the leader do need prayer.

Real thing is, I am not that low and weak, in fact my daily live still going well and happy, having fun with Gabriel, shared a joke with him this morning, both of us laughed till we teared out, I told him the secret in his name, now he knows the secret.....

Still very productive, means, still working, eating, helping, searching, training, cleaning, laughing, singing, playing...; Friends, don't worry, I have a good spirit, mind you for that!

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