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Monday, May 4, 2009

2 Nights before 'The Hope In Impossibilities'

Here is the detail before this message 'The Hope in Impossibilities!' came out!

I would love you to know how God means so real to me.I had hard time last few weeks,so I quit praying for an issue, despite of some encouragement from close friends, I urged them just stop saying any more.

You know what..... God started to speak to me, in three consecutive days. But I was so dump that I didn't realize, or indeed I just don't want to be fool around, and ignored it!

First day, Gab insisted me to read for him the Gen 18, which usually he will read on his own, I was doing my devotion too, and writing my dairy, that day was in a bad mood, I rejected him a few times, he kept pestering me, so I read this for him very quickly and explained to him, but didn't get what God wants me to think about.The next day, I saw a booklet on the dinning table, actually that was an old issue of 中信 2008 Sept, I flipped and read the posting in the middle of the booklet - 蒙福之子 Son of blessing-Isaac, God's promise for Abraham, after reading this, not quite put into deep thought though, but I had some (a little) encouragement! 3rd day, this message hit me! wow! God just want me to walk into the 'red sea', now I get it!

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