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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Love Language - Services/Deeds


You are a person of services / deeds.. This means you are most touched when people do something for you rather than say something. For you, saying something without doing it, is not right. You enjoy being busy as it makes you feel useful, and your way of showing love to others is by doing something for them. Doing things / deeds are a great way of communicating, but when someone else you love doesn't necessarily do the things for you the way you would do it for them, it doesn't necessarily mean they don't love you. What would be their primary love language? The downside of doing things too much may be that you may be impatient, or stressed. Try to find out what other people's language is, too, and respond to them as how they treat you. One last point to mention is that God also communicates in your love language. He loves you and gave Jesus (God Himself in human form) to bridge the gap caused by the fall of sin through which we cannot fully obey the law He gave us. He made the solution through Jesus, and when accepting Him, you'll accept God Himself, Who loves you, and wants to communicate with you. Jesus said on the cross: IT IS FINISHED. IT IS DONE. In this we can have confidence when accepting Jesus: The crowd says do, the cross says done. He saves, He does it!

Jane's Note:

I knew it! I have to learn to be patient for those who speaks the different language, especially those love language is quality time, cos they just don't do anything but enjoy the time to be together with you! what a lesson! But I am willing to learn, and accept it in humility.... simply because God loves me for who I am!

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