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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Learn to control your feelings

When we feel high, we have no problems. The problem comes only when

we feel low. No one wants to feel low. When one feels low, then the more

one tries to feel high, the more depressed he gets. This seems to be

the biggest problem. What is important about the feelings? They never

stay the same. Feelings are fluid. Feelings alter just in seconds. A

second you feel high and in the next you feel low and then again you

feel good. This continues in life. If we base our life on our

feelings, we will be ruined.

You feel good about something now and a little later you feel bad

about the same thing. Then those feelings change yet again. Have you

noticed feelings. Changing?

Many people are unaware of the nature of feelings. Everywhere you will

hear people say, "Follow your feelings, go by your feelings, do what

you feel like? etc., What will you do? Be independent? People

misinterpret! What does independence mean? They think it means

following your feelings. They think, "I do as I feel now, I do as I

feel tomorrow. I do as I feel the next day." Then there can be no

stability in life.

We are unhappy if we follow our feelings. When you feel low, jump into

the lowest. Be like water. That is your real nature, inside you, it is

like water. The coconut is the symbol of the whole human life. The

coconut has a husk. That is the environment. And water is the

innermost part. Your true nature is like water, fluid and not hard

inside. What is the nature of water? Humility, it always goes down.

Stiffness is the problem. Stiffness is ego.

Water can take any shape. Whatever glass you put it in, it will take

that shape. Water means acceptance of the present moment. You put

water in a bottle and it will take that shape. Our innermost being

agrees with nature. In water, the slightest movement makes ripples. It

is dynamic also. It is not simply acceptance with fatalism; it is

acceptance with motion, with dynamism, with readiness to jump to act.

A little shake, and the water is ready to jump up.

The ocean is the lowest. How has the ocean become and ocean? It has

accepted to be the lowest. Can there be anything lower or deeper than

an ocean? All rivers from the mountain tops flow down to the ocean.

The ocean is full. The humblest yet the greatest. If you agree to go

low when you don't feel good, you will become the richest person on

the earth. Have you ever loved your low feelings? You have always

fought with them.

When you don't feel high, just close your eyes and go into the low.

"Okay, today I shall agree with my low feelings and I shall go as low

as I can, without acting." Do not do any action but just agree. "Okay,

I am going down, down, down....." How far will you go down? You will

find the ocean there. You will start rising up in no time.

Depression and low feelings cannot touch you. They can do nothing to

you. However big the clouds are, they cannot overshadow the sun. It

could be the darkest day, but still it will remain a day. All the

clouds can never make the day a night.

So, when clouds are there, you don't have to shiver. Just go deep,

observe and you will see a lot of sensations rising up. Some fears

come up. What is fear? Just a sensation in the body. Agree to it, "All

right, let it be. I will drive into it today." An amazing thing

happens within you.

A phenomenon, that will put the psychiatrists out of jobs. Everybody

can look into this aspect. This is very, very beautiful.

What is the nature of water? Water, when it reaches the ocean, does

not always remain there. It rises high as the clouds and then comes

down again as water.

So are feelings.

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