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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's Start Again

Though it ended up in a terrible way,
and it's never a pleasant experience.

But I will start it all over again,
not just trying to be optimistic,
there are lessons/theory I've learned,
and in this chapter of my life,
I am going to put into practice,
life is full of surprises,
a roller coaster!

Through a process of grieving.
And the most effective way of dealing with that process
is to admit to myself that I have feelings of pain...
before letting go of those feelings.

Facing painful feelings isn't always easy,
God is with me,
that makes it easier for me.

Thankful for friends that who care,
thankful for friends that who bear my nonsense,
I know why God put you in my life,
God loves us all.

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