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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Custom made Chalk Bag

 Johnnie has been chasing me about making him a chalk bag, but the fact is I didn't know what kind of material fit making one.

Finally he passed me the old chalk bag as sample last Saturday when we went for Apeh hike.

At least I find out what material I should use, felt as inner layer, some curtain fabric, or heavy fabric like cotton canvas as outer layer, a drawstring stopper, cord, mmmm... I still can't figured out what should I use to replace the plastic ring which helps to hold and stiffened the opening of chalk bag, that I wasn't quite sure if I could get this.

I did ask about what need to be improved, Johnnie said he needs a waist belt with belt clip, top drawstring closure instead of side closure ( the old chalk bag). Ok, these two new things.

As I started work on sewing chalk bag this morning, I was still thinking what to use for stiffening the chalk bag-open mouth. I remember I have a roll of yellow polypropylene clothes rope, hurried into store room dug out this rope, and it worked! Praise the Lord.

Because it is my first time sewing it, even though I tried searching for tutorials, browse through many blogs, those were not that I want, anyhow, I headed back to continue sewing it, tried hard to figure out the way to sew it.

Made a few mistakes, nothing but using ripper to rip seams, this is what all seamstress hate to do, I show no exception.

When finally the bag is done, I still need a set of belt clip and adjuster, black nylon webbing, drawstring stopper. When in time like this, that really could kill me, as if I am sitting on a hot plate.

As soon as I finished morning class, rush to craft shop searching hi and lo, thank goodness I managed to get what I needed.

Hope Johnnie is satisfied with this custom made chalk bag.

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