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Friday, November 16, 2012

Away in a Manger for 3 violins

As mentioned last post, I have 1001 things to do, bad time management for someone like me... I spent the whole day teaching 4 lovely nieces to hand sew 'plushie', the result was encouraging, each of them have at least made 4 plushie in the shape they like, butterfly, flower, heart, Eiffel Tower, octopus ... and they learned also to embroider name on these plushie. 

Finally, finish this scoring from my sketch earlier. This is one of three pieces I will be playing for SCF as well as Kingdom Kidz Christmas celebrating performance, we will have another 'What Child is This' and 'Happy Birthday Jesus'. Together with my niece Jenaine, and my student Josiah, and another youth Xin Hui we have 3 violinists, and piano accompaniment by Amelia, and that's why I put guitar chord above it, it will be helpful.  

Please click pic to download score in PNG format.

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