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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Patchwork Curtain

Kind a long long time I have not been writing. 

Here is a small happiness I want to share with all beloved friends. 

 I found this old patchwork last week while I was digging old stuff for Klang Garage Sale, well as usual I totally have forgotten about having this awesome piece.

Have been very busy lately but I told myself before started any work of 'coin pouch', I will have to first finish all the undone work, so I did! I have done sewing 'blue strap' for my cousin sister, Cindy's Chalk bag with bear pocket, done making another 3 chalk bags, one for Johnnie with hand embroidery 'J' letter on it.

And today, I finished this awesome curtain. Love this curtain.

Now left one more handbag order of my church friend, to be done tonight! ^.6 ~ <3>
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