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Monday, December 31, 2012

What a handsome boy

While I was enjoying the handmade products in Mori of Zakka shop in Sunway Pyramid, "What a handsome boy! Look at this little boy, he is so handsome!"(你们看,这个小弟弟很英俊呢!) an old lady who sat on a chair next to cashier counter,  talking to the worker at a loud volume

That evoked my curiosity, naturally my head turned around to look for him. Apparently she meant for my darling Gab as there wasn't anyone else in the shop, I grinned and thanked her for the compliment.

"He isn't little any more, look at him, taller than mommy." I continued.

Ever since Gab turned 6, I haven't heard of a stranger responses to his 'beauty', haha, sounds funny?

When he was still at toddler age, I often heard of stranger who passers by will tell me that 'He is so cute.'; 'He is so handsome.'...

I remember one incident happened in Melaka, where both my ex-sister-in-laws took him to a relative shop, while they were doing their shopping, a lady came in, both her hands pinching on Gab's cheeks and uttered:"Oh, this boy is so  handsome, so cute..." and then guess what?

She carried Gab in her hands, hugged him and KISSED him.... both my ex-sis-in-laws looked at each other, they both asked the same question at the same time: "Your friend?"

Ahhh.... that gave them a chilled.

haha... I told Gab about this incident, well.... he can't remember as expected.

We met this kind lady, her words brightened both Gab and my day.

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