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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New bags are coming up!

I was kind a busy with sewing curtains, beanbag and did some curtain alteration previously, sew two bags for my nieces in Singapore, a few big cushion covers for my cousin, and 7 sets of 5 stones for my niece's school mates. As soon as I finished sewing 7 sets of 5-stones, today I started cutting a few different laminated cottons for sling bags, one is for my sister-in-law. The rest are for sale. 

My sister and some friends asked "Why are they so expensive?"
Yeah, they are, a few reasons: I try to snap some photos of 'the making of sling bag'. 
Cutting thick interfacing, usually to stiffen lining. It is called glued fabric. 

Here you go ...

Assorted laminated cotton in different printing.



Apple craze
To be continued...

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