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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Conviction is an experience to convince one that has been doing wrong, conviction gives one the opportunity to make a change, gives strength to make a turning point.

Conviction often leads to growth; personally I feel this is a turning point to greatest blessing.

My family members from my dad to my sister-in-laws, everyone has own conviction before coming to Lord, different stories,  different experiences.

Before I became a Christian, I was looking for conviction, I found mine, in the seeking, I found that He is a living God, He is God who listens every little prayer, I found peace in Him, I found myself, hilariously I used to be not me, I thought I am perfect though! Haha.

There were a few times church sisters said in an envious tone that they don't have that kind of conviction, how good if they had one. 

Conviction is a precious experience to most non-believers, as for 2nd generation Christian, they have the privilege to enjoy God's premium blessing like King Solomon did, living with praise and thankful in experience of God's faithfulness, not?

Please don't forget that the blessing of God is for a thousand generations, 2nd and 3rd generation Christians are to be dwelled in His greatness, His peace and abundance!

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