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Monday, June 20, 2011

Accelerando the tempo of my life

When you feel that time passes really slow, that is in primary school time; 

When you feel that time passes slow, you are in secondary school time; 

When you are enjoying everyday and weekend, you are in your 20s; 

When you are thinking time passing fast, you are in your 30s; 

When you feel time passes like a dash of lightning, you are going to be 40 soon..... Sigh!

Let's bow and mourn for every second that passes away.... 

Hmmm.... sounds alike a Classical Sonata piece, a four-movement layout, the usual order of the four movements was: 

1st movement : An Allegro, lively in pace, as in toddler to kindergarten stage.
2nd movement: Slow movement, as in primary and secondary stages.
3rd movement: A dance movement, usually in waltz style (menuet and trio), as in 20s.
4th movement: A finale in faster tempo, just like how I feel now....

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