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Monday, June 6, 2011

A dangerous gift

Haven't you came across to this situation, you receive a bottle perfume as a gift, but it was unwrapped? I doubted the sincerity of this giver, why is my gift unwrapped? Moreover it is a perfume gift box, came with a travel sized, wouldn't it be nice if I unwrap the gift by myself?

Well, I am not a perfume-lady, I never crazy for it, I had two bottles, one given by my sister, another was given by my good friend after she knew that I have none, she gave me a new bottle of hers; and therefore didn't border to open it and try it.

I told a friend about my surprise, and she shared an experience of hers, and told me not to use it.

It could be a perfume with love spell, you will fall in love with this guy, and give him everything. She was cursed with this spell for a period of time, good was her mother found out some weird behavior of her, brought her to a media, finally broke the spell, and guess what? They went back to check on the bottle of perfume, it went black in colour.

A dangerous gift!! I asked my mom if she'd ever heard of anything like this, and yes! She said it was an experience of her friend too.

Ladies, just be ware of what you received. I am glad I shared with my friends, and of course praise the Lord for His protection.

What am I going to do with this box of perfume? hm.... I thought of pray over it when I am in and when I am out, haha... see if it turns into black colour. But definitely I'm not going to use it!

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