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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will we ...

Where am I?

Was I not knowing this world well enough? Was I being so naive to what this world really is? Was  I misunderstood the meaning of this world being created? Was I mistaken the bad deeds being good?

As I stepping into this world...

Will I see you?
Will I being forsaken?
Will I learn to understand the world a little more?
Will I able to find out the reason why you are here?
Will I able to find the way out?
Will I able to comfort my heart and soul again?
Will I lose my dignity?
Will someone care?
Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?

wherever I am...

If you find me...

Will I touch your hands?
Will I hear your voice?
Will I have your comfort?
Will you understand me?

If you find me....

Are you willing to follow me HOME?

We know, He is faithful, He is forgiving, He is waiting, He is watching...

Fear not!  He knows everything.

Hide not! Don't run away, the Heaven is His throne!

If you finally find me...

Will you follow me HOME?

Will we walk together in victory?

Do you not remember all things are possible in God?

Have you forgotten He is love?

If you found me...

Hold my hand,

Come HOME with me,

We will walk in victory.


As I believe in God

God is love

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