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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Allow appreciation to change your life

I met a guy recently, his name is Alan, someone I found not being appreciated by friends and family members, maybe I was wrong! By my observation and analysis, I do feel a little of this, I hope he didn't pretend to be one, moreover I don't know him deep enough.

But would like to list out some of the little precious things that I appreciated of him:

1) Observant: I think he does have the heart of giving, he will say out some of the things he wants to give in order the person to be blessed. I do hope his action speaks faster then his mind, so that more people are blessed by his giving heart. haha, just kidding.

2) Self-conscience: He examines his heart and behaviours, at least he is not numb about his wrongdoings.

3) He sings: I think is wonderful for a guy who loves singing and sings to you whenever he thinks that song suits to express his mood.

4) He is expressive: He expresses well in verbal as well as facial expressions.

5) He is well-disciplined : self-learned guitar skill. That takes discipline to do it.

6) He loves his family: At least he makes time for his family, prioritizing his activities for the family, he does house chores, and cookings.

7) His love language is 'service'.

8) He is smart: No doubt, if he is not, he will not being assigned to in charge the whole running of a company.

9) He has a hobby: Collecting. It is proven having a hobby is good for oneself!

10) Sense of humour: Yes, trust me, he has this uniqueness.

11) He is a Christian: No kidding, I always appreciate God's salvation. Moreover we are family, brother and sister in Christ!

There is no perfect man except Jesus, everyone sure has some issues need to be adjusted.

Now by this little appreciation, will really change the value of one life! Regardless of where we are, or what we may be doing, there is always something in our life worth appreciating.

Perhaps you should try to find more reasons to appreciate every aspect of your life and your spouse, and this positive gratitude will give you even more cause for appreciation.

Wish you well, friend, oops, brother!

God bless you and your family.

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