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Friday, April 22, 2011

Old Town Pork Offal Porridge Stall

PJ Old Town Pork offal porridge stall is the one I go for since very very young, dad used to bring us to the night wet market for its porridge, I remember it was a shabby stall, the ground was always wet. But now, they have relocated to a food court in PJ old town, a better place ( I guess), but I still like the wet and shabby stall in good old days.

坐落在八打灵的旧区 打树头(很久以前是在大树头下经营的) 猪杂粥 Old Town Pork offal porridge hawker stall

油炸条 60 仙 一盘Deep-fried dough stick is a You tiao in Chinese are popular breakfast foods in Chinese culture.

香滑柔嫩美味的白斩鸡Sliced ​​cold chicken in soya sauce

I like the porridge here, always go for this!

A simple dinner with Cynthia, Angeline and Bobo.

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