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Friday, April 8, 2011

Banana Blend

Shyewoon came  by this afternoon though we have no guitar class, we've decided to make Ice-cream blend, he suggested to have banana blend, because he loves it very much.

Lucky Debbie, she came by for a short 'lepak'.

This is a simple Banana Blend, here are the things I put in, at whim!

what you need for two:
1) Banana - 2
2) Vanilla ice-cream 4 scoops. (Chocolate ice-cream equally nice!)
3) UHT milk about one cup

Blend all together!

As Debbie came by later, and Shyewoon and I have finished all vanilla ice-cream that I had, we made Banana Blend with chocolate ice-cream! It tasted good, give a thumb up for this! My suggestion to have more chocolate ice-cream, in order to beat equal to the strong banana taste.

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