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Friday, July 16, 2010

There is no need of explanation.

What a day..... it went mess up just for some arrangements of an event, that was crap!

I am not good at communication, at all. I am not good in handling relationship especially when problems rise, social skill fails all the time, what more? Complicated.....

Or perhaps I need to learn and tried to understand her, and try to think how she will feel in her position.... yeah, that is really sad, if I were her, I will feel like this: "I am not being respected, and what a mess is this whole thing, can't you all have a good discussion first before approaching me? After I have been planed everything, and now you just called off the event, and this is already the second time!!" wow, I think I can hear her heart screaming out loud..... hmmm so sorry about that, I can really understand why she made it clear that she wants to play no more part in program. I think I will be as sad as her, as mad as her. Understood.

But if something I can explain, I am willing to, I believe most of the time, it doesn't work, the damage has been caused.

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