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Monday, July 19, 2010

Selection of Apostles

Went for Yeah Show for a disciple training last Friday, topic of the day is: Selection of Apostles.

Luke 6:12-19

I like to take up students that is dropped by other teachers, or student that has lost their passion on learning piano, and that is challenging, then I have a goal of lifting up their interest again, and of course I did, not 100% successful, about 80%, the 20% is attitude problem. Just realized that I had this practice too, unlike Jesus, I didn't pray if I want to take these students or not, hahaha.

Come back to Jesus, He is so serious about choosing an apostle, I believe before that very night, He prayed unceasingly for whom He would like to take as His 'die hard disciples', but instead of choosing one from His own understanding, He chose to ask Heavenly Father to whom He would like Him to choose.

Another reason of spending a whole night to pray of the list, was He probably can't imagine and believe the list from Father, in order to play safe, He prayed again and again, making sure that He did not get the list wrongly, because all of the 12 apostles, non of them are good man, including the one who going to betray Him. If I were Jesus, if I knew Judah is the one going to betray me, I would rather skip this one! Jesus knew from the beginning, He still chose him as one of them as in God's will.

Come back to the selection, in Kingdom Kidz SCF children ministry, I have to confess, I am too narrow, I see it by my own eyes, understand by my knowledge, and have the habit of choosing ones that are obedience, good boy/girl, sing well, dance well... I didn't really go down on my knees to whom to be trained. I don't want to miss out 'Matthew' who were greedy, and gave his all to God; I don't want to miss out 'Peter' who denied Jesus 3 times, yet became a fisher of man; I don't want to miss out 'Paul' who persecuted Christian Church, yet spent whole of his life to spread Gospel to Roman and being imprisoned for Christ sake. There are many more who turns into His mighty vessels and were broken pieces.

Dear Lord, help me to be sensitive enough to your voice, and follow your guidance.

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