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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can these be reasons?

This is a long story, trying to state it down clearly and slowly.

I am busy serving in church, sometimes going out with friends, I have a few options to allocate Gab, he stays at home alone, or going to his uncle's house. Sometimes he likes to be at home, he could be homesick at times , other times he will be at my brother's house, and he loved to be there as he could play Wii games, or X-box, and also playing together with cousins.

And I was told it is not that good to put him there as he will feel bad when he sees others have father to love them and blaa blaa blaa... and if I put him there often, he will feel rejection. Here are the main two reasons that I really don't count it as reasons.

First, he is being raised in a single parent family, which he is in it, he has got to accept it, and learn to over come it. I do care about his feeling, indeed very much, I will ask of his feeling once awhile, we'll talk about how life is being a single parent family. And will quote him a few Bible verses and share about testimony, or talked about movie character whenever there is a relevant topic.

I asked him if he feels bad when he sees others have papa to love, to stay together, he stopped and thought for a moment, he nodded. And from here I talked to him being positive over it, God has a special plan for us, we have to live it up to be one of great testimonies, not to take it as a blame or fall into self-pityness. This is also what I shared with others, I don't have a husband, do I have to fall into rejection and feel sad whenever I see a couple?

I can't change the situation, but we can accept to be who we are, instead of blaming for who are we. And he is being placed in this family, he has got to learn in this hard way (again), to always take care of his emotional is no doubt important, but not to the extend that every time, every place, every situation, every people we meet, Gab needs to learn how to overcome it, not just protect him from not being 'harmed'.

Rejection? I assured him countless of times that I love him. And he has to learn to be grateful to what he has, not to blame for what he doesn't have. He has a father, he just doesn't stay with us, he has a mother, he has a home, he has a nice house.

I don't know, can these be reasons? Are they reasons? I have no solution for this, this is simply base on my personality, my understanding and my lifestyle, just as my situation, I have to learn it in a hard way.

God is gracious enough, because He holds us in His arms.

Indeed, not that hard as compared to others, we are already so blessed. Give thanks to the Lord, at least we have Him.

'Spend time' session, we have this, we spend time together for making drinks, playing music, movie talk, Bible talk, nonsense talk, shopping, dinner at restaurant..... not the lack.

I just hope that he will appreciate every single thing I do for him. Being gratefulness is the key.

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