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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gab is listening...

Gab and I went for Ng's family dinner last Friday. I had a few glasses of wine, I felt a little tipsy by the time we about to go home, it was an enjoyment to have the wonderful time with Jenny and friends. When both of us in the car, Gab asked: 'Mee, you ok?', and I replied: 'Yup, not a problem!'. He seemed to worry about me being drunk, I did a lot of talking (as if I am the ordinary mom, talk and teach, teach and talk), or I should say - explaining... explaining why dad and mom not staying together, explaining how life can become wonderful and productive even dad is not around him... I did assure him the both of daddy and mommy love him very much.

And I started to worry that he doesn't like to listen to me (usually children don't like to listen to mom) so I asked if it is ok for me to continue my talking, he said yes, he'd love to. Later on, he asked of my permission for him to have a nap, I urge him to go ahead, he asked: 'Are you ok if I sleep?', 'Yes, of course, and we are almost home!'.

Thankful for Gab, God did give what I need...

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