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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New-year Days

Some people have to start work on 3rd day or 4th day, which I personally feel pity to them (ops, sorry, I really do!), some start work on the 7th day, which the 7th day is only just a half day of 'showing up' in the office, the business is not actually running, this is for those who work for a traditional Chinese boss.

And the Chinese New Year now compare to last time, so much in difference, hmmph, nothing much to talk about it now, first of all we have grown up till we are so free to go any where instead of getting stuck in a house filled with people, haha! Hooray! No, no, no, not what I meant... when I was young, my mom used to take us to her parent's house every Sunday, we liked that very much, she has many sisters and brothers, and they will meet up and chat, they brought their children which are my cousins to spend time with us, we used to play and running around near the neighbourhood.

Located in Jinjang, forgot about whether in South or North side, was a beautiful kampung, my grand parent had a nice and big bungalow, a spacious back yard raising chickens and ducks, a well by the side, big kitchen, it was really big compare to what we have now, and my grand-pa will lit up a few antique vintage petromax lanterns when night came. Grand-pa was a cook, he cooked for us.

On the other side, my father side, mum will took us there also but not as often, it was a double-storey bungalow house, in a town, two in a great different practice. We are closed to both sides, and I think back, really thankful for my mum.

Now a days, we have facebook to keep every cousin in contact, and updated with individual's activities, and arrange meetings, gathering through facebook, that is the change!

Schedule for CNY every year, more or less the same activities, unless we go oversea.
1st day: After brunch (cos usually sleep late the day before... or 'late' in the morning) going to my father's side, spend a day there, some chat, some play card games...

2nd day: To my mother's side, this year... we have different arrangement... haha, we will leave all our children to our parents which are their Grand-Pas and Grand-Mas, then we (cousins) will go out for chatting... what a brilliant idea, that was suggested by me, the evil mum.... haha.

3rd day: Will visit ex-husband's side with my sister's family and mum, will then spend an afternoon for food and chat.

4th to 6th days will have it done spontaneously ... erm... overall, we will be quite busy with all plans that came out!

Chinese New Year still a season that we looking forward.

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