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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hike for two consecutive days - Apeh and Tabur Hills

This was plan when I had a meeting cute with Paul on Wednesday in Pyramid while Debbie, Mun Wah, Ben, May and me were doing our shopping and gathering. Paul told us that he'll be going to Tabur on Friday, which I haven't been to this place, and we suggested him for Apeh waterfall on Thursday that he wanted to know where.

We went together with a few of youth.

Tabur Hill also known as Bukit Melawati located in Kuala Lumpur, it is worlds longest Crystal Quartz-rich ridge, we took about one hour reach up to a point that we could have a spectacular view of the Klang Gate Dam, it wasn't the peak yet, because of the danger condition of the ridge, we stopped at this point, able to catch some cool breeze. It was not a walk like in Apeh Hill, not just simply a hike but a rock climbing which are almost 90 degree angle.

There are Tabur East and Tabur West, according to the position of the sun, I believe the hill that we climbed is Tabur East. It wasn't the peak yet, hopefully someday...... I can reach to the top.

Enjoying to stand and walk on the ridge, I love the feeling while standing on the cliff edge, it was quite challenging but an enjoyable climb, 'a little bit danger' according to my friend, for me.... I love it very much.

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