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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bukit Apeh waterfall day trip

Just realized that was not my first time hiking in Bukit Apeh, I was invited to hike in this hill many years ago by my old school friend Tracy Yap.

This time accompanied by Gabriel, Ben, Mun Wah and Debbie, led by Harry. The hike started at about 9am, there were many hiker up and down, many were seniors, some puppies, and some were children, while we saw a teen dashing up and down with his dog, leaving us gasping for breath up the slope... *-9 ( shameful). Harry is a season hiker, he usually will go 3 - 5 waterfalls in a day, I felt so bad we were simply wasting his time for bringing us to this small hill and waterfall! So sorry.

The hike took us about almost two hours before reaching to upper fall. We stopped a while at a few 'stations' along the trek, I heard bird singing, insect chipping as well as grouchy voices along the way, haha they made a 'nice' harmony ensemble.

The fall is at medium size, there is a small pool at the fall. I was curious about it when Harry told us there is a nice beach' for us to take a sweet rest, there is one! It was filled by committees of Wow Wow group, they took months to fill this place with sand, there is a 'changing-room', a flat sandy ground with a big canvas hang over it to make a cosy place, I believe that is made for a cooking place, a hammock and clean surrounding.

Not many people came that Sunday, there were one group of 6, a group of 2 - father and son, and a few bachelor passer by.

Gab loves this place a lot, we stayed here for about 3 hours, we've spent our wonderful Sunday in nature, uttering God's creation again, that we shall not stop, He is worthy to be praised.

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