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Monday, March 8, 2010

Lepoh Waterfall

Invited by Harris Yer, one of my first waterfall survivors friend met in my first trip through facebook's event, Gab misses him a lot, because he was the 'gor gor' took care of him during Berembun Camping Trip.

Together with Mun Wah and Ben, 4 of us headed to Connaught for meeting up Harris at 8:30am; met Jenny Lim, Evelyn, Frankie and Emay, Yieng Yieng; it was raining at 7am, but this will not be the reason for me from not going or doing anything I have set (It is also a training for Gab, I don't want him to become someone who likes to use raining as a reason to cancel or delay his work/plan). Thankfully the rain stopped as we on the way to Ulu Langat.

Lepoh Waterfall is located at Ulu Langat - near Cheras, it is not hard to find, there is a clear sign board located at left junction along Jalan Ulu Langat from KL city ( Phoenix Shopping mall).

There are plenty of space for parking your cars with the charge of RM2, and there are stores along the entrance. There are also toilets facilities with RM0.50 for each entry, very clean and spacious toilets.

The trail starts, the first thing that drew my attention, was this very unique wooden bridge, it is old but stably built and set; then with a long trail of trek, we went through banana zone, bamboo zones, only with a couple of time upward trail in about 50 to 60 degree slopes, over all are mainly at 20 to 30 degree slopes.

Gab had a 'pooing' session in the middle of our trek, something he left with is precious to the jungle, a contribution as fertilizer. We passed through the landmark of Lepoh Trek the big tree with testicle, erghm... this is what my friend told me it looks like one, then two dilapidated houses, when you reach the second one, you are near to the waterfall, about another 15 minutes trek for my trek (moderate pace).

We surprised to see there were so many people already playing in the lower pool, we thought that after a 2-hour trek, should be quite few trekkers, this is out of our expectation. Harris headed up all the way to the first pool, Gab followed, then I (have to) follow (as I was quite a giddy at that time) to trek up by the trail on the right side of the hill, we saw a dead monkey, poor little monkey, was just laying at the trail, not smelly, assumed it died not long ago. Gab felt sad about it.
Harris made chinese tea, Maggie instant noodles, wow, he really know what he needs for waterfall trip. Gary Loong joined us at this point. Those rocks were very slippery, many of us slipped, Gab wore socks, he was smart, with socks on, he could have a better grip on slippery rock.

Gab was then feeling a little headache, but still enjoying the waterfall and and Maggie instant noodle.

We spent a few hours at the 1st pool, then some diving session at the 2nd pool while we on the way down.

Gab felt much better after taken Panadol, but the mood wasn't there this day, though it was not that bad, just a little tiring for him.

He was able to see many different types of fungi, and special tree with 'red crescent pea' hung in the stem, black ants do bite, while he got bitten by three black ants, and leech split after salt being sprinkled over it's body, that also causes the hematemesis. Wonderful trek! Especially the weather.

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