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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Breakfast for Gab

1) Simple Jiang Yu Tzai soup with omelette
The soup was boil a day before, reheat before sleep, keep it in the pot till the next day morning. Then I just have to heat up the soup and make omelette in the morning.

2) Fried Rice

Sliced cocktail sausages, fry it with chopped garlic in oil, mix in rice, break an egg after about 2 minutes, add some salt for better taste.

Gab loved this, he had it at home and brought some to school. I will usually prepare food (bread, he loves bread very much, for me.... 'senang sahaja' - easy job).

They only have 30 minutes for recess time, they left only a few minutes to finish the food after long queue, and sometimes ... I don't know, the store keeper somehow took a few minutes to return their change.... provided you are waiting there! Sound hilarious or sarcastic? But there are still many cases like this happening here and there in primary schools.

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