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Friday, August 26, 2011

Now and then.... Jogoya Dinner Buffet

I've bought two Jogoya Japanese Dinner Buffet coupons from Groupon at a special rate RM65 which UP is RM102.10.

The dinner was booked for 10 pax at 7:30pm, due to the month of  Ramadhan, the traffic condition between 4pm to 7pm is foreseen, therefore I had to leave ABRSM seminar after lunch 2pm, headed back  from Prince Hotel, KL, to pick up Gab then drove to KL and reached at 4:15pm. This trip was easier and smoother , as I drove the wrong road in the morning and took me big round driving back to Jalan Conlay. I drove carefully, kept my car to the right lane after 'SMART' tunnel. 

Don't be surprised that I don't know how to go Pavillion, as I never drove there alone, and seldom went to this place nowadays. Jogoya restaurant is located in Starhill, which is opposite of Pavillion, I parked my car in Standard Chartered building as I was told the parking fee is cheaper, but ended up still the same, I have to pay RM18 from 4pm to 10pm, RM3 per hour.  I think it's my most expensive parking fee I have ever paid this year or years...... ! 

Well, it's good to walk around in this place, as they are more likely built close to each other. We were so early, so that we had about 1 hour window-shopping in Pavillion, then strolled around the empty space outside the shopping mall, there were so many people like I was in Singapore, people every where. 

Gab was certainly showed his tiring face, and shuffled on the street, sat down on a pole made himself turning round and round on the pole, watched people crossing road and passed by him, at about 5:30pm. 

We shopped at Lot 10, and headed to Starhill at 6:30pm, took a short rest on a comfy couch in waiting area. Before 7pm 'check-in' for our dinner.

It was such a joy to see how Gab showed his excitement as he enter to Jogoya, he was amazed by the food, and different stations, walking around and around, and he came back to me after a short while and asked:"Ma, I can take all of these without paying extra?", I saw unbelievable and surprise in his big gleaming eyes, and sparkling as he looked at the pool of marshmallow, the ice-cream. That moment was precious to me!

He didn't have much I know, he was just busying, helping, walking and looking, each time he spent about 15 minutes away, and only came back with a plate which only have a few things on it, but he definitely enjoyed the free flow of Häagen-Dazs® ice-cream!

I'd love him to meet my friends and I meet his too, hence we have many mutual friends, that helps us on sharing stories about our friends.

And it is certainly help in improving his social communication skill which will benefit him for life. It was a wonderful day for both of us.

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