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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July month of Durian Attack!

It's durian season! It's beauty, it's taste, it's smell, it's texture are irresistible! I remember when I was young, dad used to buy a basket or two of durian after restaurant closed, and we will have our durian midnight! During that time, many relatives were staying together with us at the first floor of the restaurant, it's fun!
That's were my durian acquaintance starts!

Cynthia was not there for guitar class anymore, we decided to pay her a visit with our beloved durian.

A night that Debbie planed to have durian dinner then headed to USJ16 for famous Sister's Fried Kuey Teow, after returned to my place for a home-group gathering.

On the 25th July, indeed I had a durian session with Mark, Helza, Li Lian and Marcus at SS2, we went to the wrong stall, it's a buffet durian for RM15, the durian not as tasty as those I had in USJ 14, but the fellowship that counts! Sad, didn't bring camera along, can't show you the picture here.

On the 26th, Daryl, Phan and Beh came direct from their work place Cyber Jaya to enjoy the magnificent durian, Julian and wife joined in later at night. This is the day I fell in love with 'Bamboo Leg' species. We had many branded durian, inclusive of XO, Udang Merah but I love 'Bamboo Leg' alone. 

Taipan for real food! Something salty. Surprise to find out these delicious dishes, as I don't usually visit this restaurant. Gab and I loved thos mini Lala, yam rice was tasty, salty veggie was my delight! 

This day again..... a durian date with Melissa, Debbie and Jeremy. I am already can't take much, haha I took a few though, because I went after dinner. We didn't manage to take any good branded durian either 'Bamboo Leg' nor 'Udang Merah', but 'XO' at RM8 per kg, not bad at all.

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